The Weeds That Bloom in the Spring, Tra-La!

Peach blossoms--sure sign of spring

Second week of March. A week ago we had sleet. Today it’s 83 degrees–because I do still have some daffodils, which bloomed after our last daff-frying heat wave. But it’s definitely spring in the San Fernando Valley. The scent of pink jasmine is everywhere. The magnolia is abloom, the stocks, the peach tree…

Pink jasmine--it's an imperialist, trying to take over the entire yard, but I forgive it everything when it blooms.

And guess what? Nut grass is germinating in the beautifully sifted soil of my new lawn area. I’m shocked!

I'm shocked--shocked!--to discover nut grass germinating in my garden.

I would accuse myself of wasting my time were it not for the new vegetable bed I’m creating by cutting down on lawn area and moving ornamentals. Eggplant? Cucumbers? We’ll see….

And come fall, I’ll be putting in that new peach tree.


3 responses to “The Weeds That Bloom in the Spring, Tra-La!

  1. A relaxing little read, Laurie–like a garden. Love love love Jasmine. I hope I get to try some of the cucumbers. Or eggplants.

  2. Thanks for including in the link to Lee Valley Tools. I just ordered an ergonomic shovel from them. I got rid of my nut grass by tearing out the lawn & laying down sod. It’s been 5 years, no sign of its resurgence yet. My yellow dafs are finished, but the white Thalias are going strong.

    • I love Lee Valley Tools. The quality is always good, and they always have what I’m looking for.

      Congratulations on vanquishing your nut grass. As I start sifting–god help me!–the soil for the new vegetable bed, I am finding fewer tubers there, which is encouraging. After all, I’ve been weeding that area for nine years.

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