Branching Out

I wouldn’t want you to think I only grow Austin roses. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I grow Meilland roses too.

'Abbaye de Cluny' is a modern hybrid tea, meaning it's fragrant. 'Just Joey' is one of its parents and that shows in the lovely color and shape.

'Colette', in other climes a tall shrub, is a short climber here. I have it on an arch leading into the back garden. It gives me a fabulous first flush--and then it provides an occasional blossom during the rest of the season. I guess when your growing season is 12 weeks and you get flowers for six weeks, you feel okay with what is, in effect, a once-blooming rose. When your growing season is nine months, you wonder why you waste your garden space on something that only blooms for six weeks. But it's sure pretty right now.


One response to “Branching Out

  1. Deirdre Purcell

    Colette is absolutely gorgeous! I should put that in my garden right away. Wonderful.
    I hope you will show us a picture of the overall view of your lovely garden.
    What you are showing us is amazing.
    Thank you!

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